The SP&R Mission is to promote the

Transformative Power of Stewardship 

Did you know?

• Jesus spoke of money in 16 of 38 parables

• 1 of 7 verses in the synoptic gospels are               about money

• That drops to 1 of 10 if you add John's                   gospel   

Jesus spoke

• Five times as much about money and                     possessions as he did prayer and faith 

• There are about 500 vss on prayer 

• A little over that on faith

• But over 2000 verses deal with money and              possessions
Compare the number of times these words appear in the Bible

• “Believe” -- 273 times

• “Pray” -- 371 times.

• “Love” -- 714 times.

• “Give” -- 2,172 times.

Explore The Transformative 

Power of Stewardship

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Successful  Annual  Stewardship  Appeals Include:

  1. Stewardship Education: Increasing your organization's understanding of the transformative power of stewardship.
  2. Prayer:  The question of how much of a member's time, talent and treasure should be shared with the organization will be borne in prayer and becomes as much of a spiritual question as it is a practical one.  
  3. Transparency:  Quality information about the organizations' mission and how your members’ contributions help fulfill the mission is essential. SP&R will provide the framework to promote transparency in how the organization is using current contributions and how the organization plans to use future contributions to carry out its mission.
  4. Interaction with Leadership:  We help you create opportunities for members to have input into the direction the organization is going with plenty of time for Q&A.
  5. ​The Ask:  SP&R will design a way to ask your membership for a commitment of time, talent and treasure that is appropriate for your faith community.
  6. Appreciation: SP&R will provide your organization options to thank and recognize your donors that fit your organization's culture.