SP&R can direct the entire process from start to finish, ensuring a successful campaign for you and your faith community.

SP&R Capital Campaign services include:

  1. ​Placing prayer and spiritual discernment at the center of your campaign
  2. Developing a campaign calendar and manuals that will provide step-by-step plans for those involved
  3. Designing promotional materials that will be persuasive and perceived positively
  4. Coordinating cultivation activities and events that will inform and inspire people
  5. Organizing the enlistment and training of volunteers to share the work and provide an enjoyable experience
  6. Creating a respectful, prayerful process for asking church members to make a commitment
  7. Guiding a low-stress and effective process of identifying and approaching potential large donors
  8. Establishing a comprehensive follow-up process that encourages and tracks commitment collections
  9. Producing a campaign video that will make the case for supporting your campaign. (Optional)

Capital Campaign Goals:

​1.  To raise necessary funds for needs that can’t be met through an annual appeal

​2.   To increase your church members’ understanding of the transformative power of Stewardship
3.   To build a stronger sense of community among your membership

SP&R can help organize and implement your campaign. With our approach, we’ll serve as managers rather than simply advisors, handling a large majority of the day-to-day details associated with a successful campaign for you.

The SP&R Mission is to promote the

Transformative Power of Stewardship 

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Comprehensive Capital Camapigns