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The process that Bill uses is very spiritual and prayerful and is one that allows for a parish or church to come together, deepen the existing feeling of community, and further establish the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  

Michael J. Lally, Campaign Chair, Church of the Holy Cross, Overland Park, KS 



SP&R provides the following workshops:

  1. Experience the Transformative Power of Stewardship
  2. The Who, What, When and How of Successful Annual Appeals
  3. How to Conduct Successful Capital Campaigns (without always talking about money)
  4. Starting a Reasonable and Sustainable Planned Giving Ministry

Other services SP&R provides include:

  1. Church Strategic Planning
  2. How to Grow Your Church Membership
  3. Efficient Management of Your Church Finances and Facilities 

The SP&R Mission is to promote the

Transformative Power of Stewardship