The SP&R Mission is to promote the

Transformative Power of Stewardship 

Not sure how to get a planned giving ministry started in your church?  Take the first step by contacting SP&R.  

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Starting a Planned Giving Ministry

SP&R provides the following services to get your Planned

Giving Ministry started and tools to sustain the effort:

  1. Thorough training for your leadership team
  2. Manuals that will walk team members through every step of the process
  3. An annual calendar for activities that is complete but not overwhelming
  4. Promotional materials that will be informative and persuasive
  5. Ongoing support and resources to ensure that the ministry is sustained
Don Joiner, in his book, Creating a Climate for Giving, suggests that many churches have organized committees, developed policy statements, selected wise counselors and still failed to secure planned gifts for their ministries for the following reasons:
1.   Unclear vision about how planned gifts further the mission of the Church
2.   Not knowing the audience for planned giving
3.   Not planning enough into the future
4.   No budget for planned giving efforts
5.   Lack of patience
6.   Focus on annual rather than long-term financial sustainment goals
7.   Lack of passion
8.   Lack of promotion