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Transformative Power of Stewardship 

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Thorough  Feasibility  studies

Feasibility Study components include:

  1. Case Statement that articulates the plans of your church; how the plans fit into your church mission; and why a campaign is needed at this time
  2. Interviews with key members within your community
  3. Written/On-line Survey for the general membership
  4. Report of the findings and recommendations to your church leadership​
  5. Summary of the study to the entire membership 

Feasibility Study Goals:

  1. To invite church members into the decision making process for a campaign resulting in shared ownership of the decision and future participation in the campaign.
  2. To assess the following:
  • Readiness of your membership to move forward with the campaign

  • Members’ level of understanding and support of the projects under consideration for the campaign

  • Amount of money that can be raised in a quality capital campaign

  • Best ways to design a campaign to meet the unique needs and culture of your faith community

  • Possible obstacles that may lay in the path of your successful campaign

​​Feasibility Studies will provide your church the information you need to make strategic decisions before launching a Capital Campaign.