Want to be HAPPY?
Results of a 5 year study at Notre Dame reports that people who describe themselves as very happy volunteer almost 6 hours a month while those who describe themselves as unhappy volunteer about 30 minutes or less a month.
Research also reports a lower depression rate among people who donate at least 10% of their income to charities.  
Being a good steward is good for your health!

A word from our President and owner Bill Cordaro

I came to this ministry a little differently than most.  I have MAs in Adult Education and Theology and after over 30 years of working as a lay minister in the church, I began to help organizations with fundraising and stewardship. This experience taught me a great deal about growing faith-based organizations support systems.  Most importantly, it was during this time I began to study the Transformative Power of Stewardship. Since then, Stewardship has become my passion and my ministry, and I want to invite others to be passionate about Stewardship as well.  


It’s All in the Name

"Stewardship Partners & Resources"

Stewardship: Increasing your organization's understanding and practice of the transformative power of Stewardship.
Partners: SP&R will walk with you every step of the way.
Resources:  With over 15 years of experience helping faith based organizations like yours carry out their mission, SP&R has the resources to help you do the same. 


The SP&r Difference

1. SP&R works only with churches and faith-based organizations, therefore; we understand the special nature of working in a faith-based environment.

2. SP&R recognizes that each faith community has unique gifts and challenges and SP&R will tailor its services to fit your needs and culture. 

3. SP&R limits the number of clients it works with at any one time to assure that our clients get the time and attention you deserve.

4. SP&R specializes in the small to medium size faith-based organizations and churches.

With little overhead costs, SP&R can provide quality consulting at a reasonable price. 

Want to know more about the Transformative Power of Stewardship?                       bill cordaro today.

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Power of Stewardship

The SP&R Mission is to promote the

Transformative Power of Stewardship